Stephen Scavulli is a director of photography, camera operator, and
lighting technician from San Diego with nearly a decade of video and
film production experience under his belt. From an early age, Stephen
fell in love with the iconic images of the silver screen, especially
Spaghetti Westerns and 80s action films. Growing up in a vacation
town, he and his friends became accustomed to seeking their own piece
of paradise away from the maddening crowds, and he discovered along
the way that the stories and characters he encountered were what gave
these adventures lasting significance. However, it wasn't until he
began shooting black and white film photography in high school that he
discovered his passion for visual storytelling. He continued to hone
his education in fine arts as a Film Studies major at Emory
University, and after an internship at the San Diego Film Commission,
worked for a time in location management and scouting.

After a short period, Stephen longed for a deeper relationship with
image creation, and transitioned back into camera and lighting work. After more than 5 years working as Director of Photography at Groovy Like A Movie, he has worked on nearly every type of video production, including feature films, episodic television, short films, music videos, corporate videos, commercials, and live events. Several of his films have garnered awards, including 2017 Best Cinematography in a Narrative Short Film (Thin Lines) at the San Diego Film Awards an Emmy for the San Diego Museum of Man's Torture Exhibit in 2012, and Telly Awards for Cinematography in 2015 (Hoist: Motion Cage) and 2016 (Groovy Like A Movie Aspirational Demo Reel). He is inspired by a deep connection to the natural world, the communion of shared experiences, and the beauty hidden between moments every day.